Metropolis — Program

Cast and Crew Biographies:

Linda Adams (Narrator and Edna Hearon/The Outcasts) is returning to the stage after a 27 year hiatus. She has performed as a singer, dancer, and actor around Boston with Shakespeare’s works a favorite. Linda appeared in Philip Glass’s, Orphee, at the ART and BAM, and has toured New England, the south, and mid-west.

Evan Bernstein (John Newhouse/The Outcasts) is new to PMRP but was last seen at Hovey Players as Elliot (Apartment 3A) and Max (Bent), at Arlington Friends of the Drama as Mike (The Memory of Water), at Footlight Club as Guildenstern (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead), and at Vokes Theatre as Laertes (Hamlet).

Mollie Bourne (Foley Coordinator ) This is Mollie's third show with PMRP. She has had the opportunity to play a number of different roles for productions including foley artist, actor, and now foley coordinator. Although typically a stage actor, Mollie is grateful for this organization for showing her a different form of theater!

Jaimie Carlson (Foley Coordinator) is helping out backstage with PMRP for the first time with Foley coordinating! Outside of making noises, Jaimie enjoys wrangling robots, writing trivia tournaments, and generally gallivanting around Boston.

Kimberly Dauber (Sound Designer, Board-op, Composer) now has far more sound effects in her personal library than she did at the beginning of this show. She's also directing Alice in Wonderland for PMRP at the Watch City Steampunk Festival - check that out too!

Francine Davis (Foley artist), a Boston-based actor/director, is excited to be making her Foley debut. Her 100+ acting credits include title roles in "Taming of the Shrew" and "Saint Joan," and Beatrice in "Beata Beatrix" (EMACT Festival Best Actress nomination). Directing credits include "Twelfth Night," "Romeo and Juliet," and "Gaslight."

Mrs. Kitty Drexel (Director/The Outcasts) [she/her/we] is a disabled, queer performing artist and critic living with Brachial Plexus Palsy. Recent credits include Scientia Dei in Quorum Boston’s production of the "Ordo Virtutum" and Futura in PMRP’s "Metropolis." She is Queen Geek at the New England Theatre Geek. Mrs. Drexel would like to thank you for looking damn fine tonight. @newengland_theatregeek

Jenny Gutbezahl (Renée Remillard/WBtC) is happy to return to PMRP, having enjoyed working on such shows as The Big Broadcast of 19nn and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. She also creates immersive theater with Incantrix, Green Door and Boxaroo. When not performing, Jenny enjoys debunking misinformation predicated on bad research and worse statistical analysis.

Cathy Hersh (Timmy and Madge Hennessey/The Outcasts) This is Cathy's third PMRP show, having portrayed a Hungarian bellhop in Lady Molly mystery The Irish Tweed Coat and a Holmes irregular in The Adventure of the Sleeping Cardinal. She is excited to be part of this cautionary tale of suburban living. She analyzes machine learning data at Amazon.

Alex LaFreniere (Desmond Cleese/WBtC) is a returning performer with PMRP and has performed in several past productions such as "Study in Scarlet" and "Tomes of Terror: Beyond Grimm." Alex thanks his family, his partner Jazz, and his cat Kevin for their unending support.

Sally Lahoud (House Manager) is PMRP's house manager for the second time in a row after having a BLAST the first time! She loves working with PMRP, making sure all the beautiful guests feel welcome and fed. Sally is also a professional organizer, pet-sitter and mental health counseling student!

Michael Lin (Playwright/WBtC) is very excited to have his work produced by the PMRP once again, but is trying not to get too Le Carré-d away.

Kate Mahoney (Winifred/The Outcasts) has performed with PMRP since 2015. Favorite previous roles include Deserta in Metropolis, Pauline in Seven of Hearts, Paula in Plan 9 from Outer Space, Deirdre in Beyond Grimm, Ensemble in Dracula, Turner in A Scandal in Bohemia, and Enfield in Jekyll and Hyde. She also performs at several area community theaters.

Jay Sekora (Director/WBtC) has worked with PMRP as an actor (“The Tell-Tale Heart”, “Junkyard”, “The Birds”) and sound engineer as well as a director. He's directed PMRP's adaptations of “Night of the Living Dead”, “Metropolis”, and “Filibus”. He thanks his beloved partner Mare for (among many other things) getting him back into theater.

Jacob Sommer (Harlan/The Outcasts; Ensemble/WBtC) is pleased to be back on stage with PMRP, previously performing as part of the ensemble in Night of the Living Dead and Charlie Kendall with The Big Broadcast series. In his spare time he likes to sing, impersonate Muppets, and cook ridiculously addictive food.

Jaclyn Wilson (Stage Manager) is thrilled to be stage managing with PMRP once again. Though she's more prone to oversharing in her emails than keeping secrets like a spy, she hopes that the cast and crew will still find her worthy of being one of the Women Behind the Curtain who does her best to stand up for The Outcasts.

Ray Zaslow (Sound Engineer) is excited to be working with PMRP again! He loves listening to music, watching movies (including noir thrillers) and can't stop filling his closet with Hawaiian shirts.