PMRPod #1: Our Miss Brooks

Our Miss Brooks: "Halloween Party"

Live performance from October 29-31, 2007

Friday, January 25th, 2008
PMRPodPMRP's first foray into the world of dramapodcasting.  After three years of doing live performances, we finally try our hand at releasing some of our material on the Web.  The PMRPod will be an irregularly-released podcast of select material from both our live performances and our studio productions, as well as the occasional special podcast featuring updates on what we're doing, sci-fi convention panels on audio theater, and a variety of other topics.
Tomes of Terror IIPost-Meridian RadioPod #1 is the first installment in the three week-long premiere of our 2007 live Halloween Thrillogy, Tomes of Terror II.  This is our largest and most complex show of the year and features three full-length radio dramas, a cast and crew of over 30 people, and a full Foley/FX setup.  The performers regularly play to full- or sold-out houses and the response from the audience is always wildly enthusiastic.  The format for the show typically involves a re-creation of an old-time radio comedy, plus adaptations of two fantasy/horror short stories or folk legends, pulled together by a common host: the Librarian.
Post-Meridian RadioPod #1:

From the classic comedy series Our Miss Brooks, which originally aired on CBS Radio and starred Eve Arden and Gale Gordon. In this re-creation of a 1949 Al Lewis episode, Constance Brooks, English teacher at Madison High School, agrees to host her students' Halloween party in order to dunk for apples with Mr. Boynton, the science teacher for whom she holds a candle. But she hasn't figured on Principal Conklin's blood pressure!

PMRPod #1 (32kbps LQ; Running Time: 41:56)

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PMRPod #1 (128kbps IQ; Running Time: 41:56)

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Announcer ..... Ari Herbstman
Miss Brooks ..... Juliet Bowler
Mrs. Davis ..... Alyssa Osiecki
Walter Denton ..... Matt McIrvin
Mr. Conklin ..... Neil E. Graham
Mrs. Conklin ..... Marleigh Norton
Harriet Conklin ..... Mindy Klenoff
Stretch Snodgrass ..... Christian Sterling
Mr. Boynton ..... Michael Simon
Foley/FX Artists ..... Mare Freed
Jennifer Cseh
Andie Stabler


Director ..... Rob Noyes
Production Assistant ..... Heidi Clark
Sound Designer/Engineer ..... Neil Marsh
Musical Arrangement/Accompaniment ..... Jessica Raine
Lighting/On-Stage Electronics ..... Stephanie Schanda
Foley/FX Coordinator ..... Shaunna Francis

Host Segments

Writer ..... Rob Noyes
The Librarian ..... Renni Boy


Administrative Producer ..... Renée Johnson
Technical Producer ..... Neil Marsh


Tomes of Terror theme “Creep” &
transitional music “Theme 01”
..... Kevin Hartnell
PMRPod theme “Margaret’s Lament” ..... Neil Marsh