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You can see our online calendar of events here on our website. (There’s also a direct link to the Google Calendar here.) Our calendar lists things like performances, auditions, and steering-committee meetings.

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  • General Member Announcement List
    Notification of auditions for live and studio productions or other projects needing talent or assistance. You should join this list if you might be interested in getting involved with PMRP productions (in any capacity — voice acting, sound effects, tech or production crew, publicity or fundraising, or just general helping out).
  • Public Announcement List
    Announcement of upcoming live performances, CD releases, podcasts or other events and activities. You should join this list if you want to hear our work (live, online, or recorded) or come to other PMRP events.

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For general inquiries, you can send email to:


For questions about this web site itself, see About This Site, and for questions about auditions see Auditions (the address is in the “How to Audition” section). If you like our work and want to support radio drama in the 21st century, you can make a tax-deductable contribution using the “Like what we do?” box at left or on our donation page.