Come audition for our spring show

We are delighted to announce that we are looking for voice actors, Foley artists, and crew for our upcoming spring show, Lest We Forget. This will two short episodes from the postwar dramatizations by that name on the topics of tolerance, diversity, and standing up against oppression, as well as “War Nurse and Her Commandos”, an original script based on the World War II-era comic book character War Nurse, a mild-mannered war nurse by day who foils Nazi plots as War Nurse alongside her Commandos, women of many nations fighting fascism and nationalism. See our Auditions page for more infornation and for the link to sign up for an audition slot. Auditions will be Monday, February 12th, and Tuesday, February 13th, 2017 at Responsible Grace Church in Davis Square, Somerville, and performances will be in late April. Updated February 7: Audition sides, the paper audition form, and the conflict calendar are now available. See the Auditions page for the link to them.