Tickets/reservations available for "Moriarty's Mysteries"; free Arsène Lupin audio drama

The Post-Meridian Radio Players invite you to catch up with our resident French gentleman-burglar Arsène Lupin in our newest studio project, PMRP Presents: The Arrest of Arsène Lupin! Ever since the events of The Mysterious Traveler (which you can listen to here), Lupin is on the run and hides himself away among those aboard La Provence, a trans-Atlantic ocean liner. But can he resist a few more acts of thievery and risk exposure? Can he stay hidden for the duration or the six-day voyage? Or will he meet his match among the passengers? Listen here, and find out!

And once you've finished that, make your reservation for Moriarty's Mysteries, opening this weekend, where we'll present the third installment of the PMRP's Arsène Lupin series, "Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late," along with two other tales of mystery and intrigue starring Vera Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes!