Kickstarter for Campfire Tales Deluxe Edition Launched!

Today we are launching our Kickstarter for Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales Deluxe Edition!
Back in 2016 PMRP produced the truly frightening collection of urban legends “Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales” and we’re getting ready to release it to the masses!

In fact we liked the show so much that we are going to give it a deluxe release. What does this mean?
- Fancy packaging
- Brand new artwork from scifi/horror artist (Reiko Murakami)
- Each segment will get its own artwork, and hopefully a printed postcard of that artwork.
- Post-production will set up the show not only as the full-length version, but each segment will also be available as a self-contained version as well.

To pay for all these cool things we launched our Kickstarter. You can vist it here: Please pledge or share it around!