Spooky Soliloquies this Halloween!

We've missed you! We hope you and your loved ones are having a happy and healthy fall season so far! As the skies turn dark and cool, the wind picks up, and pumpkin spice begins to rule the land, we all know what is approaching... Halloween 2020 is nearly here and The Post-Meridian Radio Players will be celebrating once again!

Join us this Halloween, Saturday Oct. 31, from noon to 10pm as we present stories, poems and ghastly tales that we shall unleash upon the the internet! For 2020 we will be presenting Spooky Soliloquies, tales told by a single reader, available for free to stream or download. The tales will be on our Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/postmeridianradioplayers (You can read more about Spooky Soliloquies on it’s project page.)