Sides and forms for Peter Pan auditions now available

Hi! If you’ve signed up for an audition slot for Peter Pan, you’ll be glad to know that the audition sides are available to download peruse or practice now, as well as a couple of paper forms that you may want to fill out and bring with you to your addition. (If you forget, we’ll have extras there.) And if you haven’t signed up for an audition slot yet, it’s not too late!

Auditions for Peter Pan

We are delighted to announce that we are looking for voice actors, Foley artists, and crew for our upcoming Spring show, Peter Pan. This will be an original adaptation of the beloved J. M. Barrie novel by Michael Lin, and directed by Jess Viator. See our auditions page for more information and for the link to sign up for an audition slot. Auditions will be Monday, February 6th, and Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at Responsible Grace Church in Davis Square, Somerville, and performances will be in late April.

Gender-Swapped Star Trek at Arisia

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are thrilled to announce that Gender-Swapped Star Trek will return at the Arisia 2017 science-fiction convention in Boston. Our gender-swapped take on the classic Star Trek episode “The Naked Time” will be on Saturday, January 14th at 10pm in Grand Ballroom AB. (A convention membership or day pass is required. If you can’t attend at the con, watch for our reprise in the spring!)

Read more for the cast and crew.

PMRP’s “The Four Chaplains” now available!

In 1943, during World War II, four US Army chaplains aboard the SS Dorchester sacrificed their lives saving others as the ship sank. PMRP has retold their story in an original radio-drama adaptation by Chris Lockeardt, and our recording is now available for purchase at CD Baby. (Audio downloads are available now; a CD is forthcoming.) You can also listen to a trailer or view or download the program brochure from our Four Chaplains project page. (You can also learn more about the Four Chaplains and the Dorchester’s sinking by a German U-boat on Wikipedia.)

Happy HalloWings!

PMRP has teamed up with Somerville’s Eat @ Jumbos for Happy HalloWings! A fundraiser for PMRP and a kick-off to our Halloween season. Eat @ Jumbos will donate a portion of their sales on Thursday October 13th to PMRP. So on Thursday be sure to drop by, call in or hit their website ( and order your fill of pizzas, wings or sandwiches. Also note they have a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Auditions for our Arisia 2017 gender-swapped Star Trek show

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are thrilled to announce that they are seeking actors to perform in their next gender-swapped Star Trek: The Original Series episode — “The Naked Time”! In this episode, a mysterious alien contagion infects the crew of the Enterprise, destroying their inhibitions and causing mayhem throughout the ship!

For more information on the rôles we’re seeking to fill and contact information to sign up for an audition, see our Auditions page.

Tickets available for Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales

Our 2016 Hallowe’en show, Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales, brings together a collection of urban legends, ghost stories, and other chilling campfire tales. Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales will be performed on October 21-22 and 27-29, and tickets and/or reservations are now available on our Tickets page. (Follow the Brown Paper Tickets link to buy your tickets in advance, or scroll further down for the form to reserve tickets and pay at the door.) Thursday the 27th is a pay-what-you-can night, and there will be an (optional) costume contest with prizes on closing night, the 29th.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales

Congratulations to the cast and crew of our Hallowe’en show, Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales, just announced on the show’s web page. While you’re there, add the dates to your calendar, because it may still be summer, but soon enough October will be here and you’ll want to make sure you join us around the campfire for the weird, creepy, thrilling, strange tales our campers have to share!

Audition sides for Campfire Tales now available

We’re all happy campers, because the audition sides for our Hallowe’en show, Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales are now available for download! If you haven’t yet signed up for an audition slot and would like to do so, time’s running out! Go to our Auditions page for more information or (if you’ve already signed up for an audition slot) for the link to download the sides. Get ready, campers; it’s going to be a scream!


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